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Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home for Sale in Pasco County Florida

October 3, 2012

Halloween Decorating Tips for Homes for Sale


Halloween is that magical time of year when children and adults dress up in costume and get candy.  Here are some Halloween decorating tips for homes for sale during Halloween time.
We love Halloween and put decorations up all over the house and outside.  We go for the Scary and borderline gory decorations.  This may not be the best way to go if you are trying to sell your home.
Inside your home – Limit the amount of decorations in your home.  Try using a “harvest” type of centerpiece on your dining table.  One or two witches or ghosts is ok, but remember that the goal when selling your home is to de-clutter the house so don’t go too crazy with the spooktacular decorations.  You can add a Halloween feel by adding harvest tea towels to your oven door handle and a few faux pumpkins.
Outside your home – Stay away from the Scary decorations.  Your homes curb appeal is very important.  Your curb appeal is your homes first impression on buyers and you want to make a good one.   Try using a bail of hay on the porch accented with a few pumpkins.  If you have a flag pole you may want to hang a “cute” Halloween flag.  Keep your decorations in a “harvest theme” and limit your decorations to 5-7 pieces.
Get the Kids involved in your downsized decorating.  You can get a plain hay wreath at your favorite craft store.  Go to your local dollar store and pick up a few fall floral picks.  Grab a few small Halloween decorations like cute witches or ghosts that you can add to the wreath.  Usually they will be floral picks or small handing decorations.  Cut the leaves off the pics and remove the sticks and strings from the decorations.  Then all you need to do is have the kids help you glue the leaves and decorations to the wreath.  This will make the kids feel like they decorated the house even with the downsizing in decorations.

Real Estate Agent Working with Gay Customers in Pasco County Florida

September 20, 2012

Real Estate Agent working with Same Sex Couples and Single Gay Customers

One of the most important aspects to working with a “niche” group of clientel is ones ability to relate and understand the customer on a personal level.  Not every home seller or home buyer is the same and every customer has needs unique to their lifestyle and personal situation.  I work with same sex couples quite often because I understand their needs and concerns when it comes to their real estate sale or purchase.
Many of my same sex customers either know me or a referred to my by other agents or they know someone I know who sends them to me.  The key for me is to get as much information about my customers wants and needs as well as some insight into their personal situation.  I take a counseling approach to working with my customers.  I ask a lot of questions and listen to their responses.  I do not give my opinion as much as I form a customer profile based on the questions I ask.  I do this for every customer but when dealing with my “niche” group of same sex customers there are different questions that need to be addressed.
Some Key questions I ask when working with same sex couples are:
     Do you have children?  If yes…will your children be living with you full time or part time?
     Do you plan on or have you discussed having children in the future?
     How would you like to take title?  In some cases a Trust is preferred over a title with survivorship rights and     there are occasions where one half of the couple wants to be the sole owner on title.  My job is to discuss all of the customers options for title so they can make the most informed decision possible and one that is best for them.
Sometimes same sex customers need more legal advice than I can provide and I recommend they contact an estate attorney to find the best form of ownership for them.  When working with a same sex couple the usual title for married couples in Florida does not apply.  Same sex couples have less legal recognition of their partnership than opposite sex couples who have the right and ability to marry.
When working with same sex couples one must understand the home dynamic.  With the lack of ability to marry many same sex couples keep their finances separate and have separate wills.  The fact that I am a gay man in a long term relationship makes my ability to relate to my same sex customers easy.  I offer my same sex customers understanding which makes my customers more comfortable.
If you are looking for a Gay Friendly Realtor(R) in Pasco County Florida or would like assistance in finding a Gay Friendly Realtor(R) in the Tampa bay area please contact me.

Supporting Local Business May Help Your Local Housing Market

September 20, 2012

Supporting Local Business Makes Your Home More Desirable

You are probably thinking that I am crazy or you just don’t see the connection insupporting small local business and how it can help your home to sell.  Someone thinking about buying a home in your area may be inclined to do a Google search of the area to see what your area offers.  They will search specific criteria based on their own lifestyle.

Let’s say the person searching your area is the parent of a dog or cat.  They might search for “pet stores in new port richey florida how great does the area look to a buyer if they find small businesses that cater to dogs and cats.  The buyer may do the same search for activities like pottery, farmers markets, bakeries, coffee shops, florists or any specialty shop.

Supporting local business is very important to the economy as well as making neighborhoods more appealing.  When driving relocation buyers around looking at homes they all ask the same questions, “wheres the grocery store”, “is there a farmers market in pasco county“, “is there a pet store” etc… what a great opportunity for me to say, “yes, there is a great pet store where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and it’s much better than the larger chains.  Maybe they ask about Starbucks…how great to be able to say we have 3 of those but there is this amazing coffee shop where the food is great the coffee is amazing and they have free WiFi and live entertainment on the weekends.  It’s a local favorite.

Support those local businesses.  Keep your local favorites in business and share how great you think these shoppes are.

To see a few of our “Local Favorites” in the Port Richey area visit my facebook page where I help promote my favorite local small businesses.

How Much Is My Home In Trinity or New Port Richey Worth?

September 20, 2012

How Much is Your Home in New Port Richey or Trinity Worth?

The most important thing to every home owner is the value of their home.  Whether you are interested in selling your home in New Port Richey or Trinity or you are thinking about making upgrades to your home, knowing your homes market value is important. 

When Selling your home in New Port Richey of Trinity you will benefit from having a Licensed Realtor(R) perform a Comparative Market Analysis of your home.

This Market Analysis or (CMA) is a great tool for deciding on an asking price for your home.  The CMA will also give you an advantage when negotiating with buyers.

I offer homeowners a complimentary, no obligation market analysis online.  It is fast and easy to request an analysis of your home.  Simply Visit and fill out the brief form online.  I will then research your homes local market conditions and prepare a comprehensive report for you which you will receive right in your email.

No Pressure, No Phone Calls, No Obligation.

Michael J. Gallo
Florida Luxury Realty

30 Days on Market and Little to No Showings?

July 31, 2012

Selling your home in New Port Richey or Port Richey Flrorida right now can get to be pretty crazy with showing appointments.  Here in West Pasco County Florida there are about 10-15 buyers for every properly priced, good condition home on the market.  If your home is currently for sale and has been on the market for over 30 days with little to no showings there may be a few reasons on for that.

  • 30 days with little to no showings can be due to your homes current pricing.  Ask your Realtor(R) to do another market evaluation to be sure your home is properly priced in line with your neighborhood.
  • 30 days with little to no showings can also be due the homes condition.  Somtimes a few minor repairs may deter buyers.  If this is the case, you may want to go ahead and do the repairs or re-visit your homes price to entice buyers to do the repairs themselves. 
  • 30 days with little or no showings can be due to your homes location.  If you home is near a busy intersection or is on a heavily traveled street some buyers may be detered from looking at your home no matter how nice your homes condition is.  Once again, the correct asking price can remidy this situation since you cannot just pick up the home and move it.

Inconvenience and unavailablity to show your home is another major factor in limited showings.  If you have decided to not use a lock box system on your home and all of the showings must take place when you are available your actually hurting the amount of showings your home can receive.  Basically, your home is off the market any time you are unavailable to show the home.  If you work during the day you will most likely not get any weekday showings.  In our local market a buyer has a choice of 5-8 homes to choose from on their days to head out and look at homes.  If your home is unavailable for them to see they will most likely choose one of the other homes they were given access to.  Very rarely will a buyer say they will hold off on making an offer on a home because they want to see the one they could not get into.

The attitude of the buyers is most often: “I guess they dont really want to sell their home” and they will not bend over backwards to make another appointment.  Given the fact that most of our buyers here in West Pasco Florida are moving from another state they have a limited time to look at homes and will generally write an offer on one of the 5-8 that they see while in town.  The buyers do not have time to waste waiting around for a seller who is not making the home available to them.

Little to no showings in the first 30 days is not good.  Homes sell for more money in the first 30-45 days.  It’s a fact that the longer a home is on the market the lower the offers are and usually the first offer you get is the best one that you will ever get.  When I work with buyers they almost always ask “how long has this home been on the market” the longer it has been the lower they offer thinking you are more motivated to sell it or they make no offer for fear that the majority of people who looked at the home decided not to buy it for some reason.

My advice to avoid a long timme on market is:  Price your home properly from day one.  Take into account all of the minor repairs that the home needs and the possibility that the location is not desired by everyone and decide on a fair and enticing listing price.  Use a Lock Box System.  This will allow your home to be shown by trained, ethical propfessionals even if you are unavailable to unlock the door yourself.  

Your New Construction Home Realtor(R) in Pasco County Florida

July 26, 2012

Everyone knows that NOW is the time to buy Real Estate in Florida.  With low home prices and amazing interest rates the West Pasco Florida Market is heating up.  Newly Constructed homes are more affordable now than they have been in years.

I specialize in 55+ communities for both re-sales and New Construction as well as non age restricted re-sales and new construction community sales.  Right now Dupree Lakes in Land O’Lakes Florida is a very popular spot for non 55+ New Construction homes.  Located close to the Suncoast Parkway, Land O’Lakes is a desired destination for home buyers who commute to Tampa and St. Petersburg or anywhere in Hillsborogh county.

Right NOW Dupree Lakes has a Promo going on (July 2012) where they will give you a $10,000 discount in options on Inventory Homes and To-be-Built Homes starting at ONLY $177,990!

Models include the St. Augustine – a 2,056 sqft 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home on a single level floor plan.  One home ready now is on a cul-de-sac and will be ready for occupancy in 30 days (8-25-2012)  The Newbury II is a 3,197 sqft home with 5 bedrooms 3.5 Baths a 2 car garage and a Fenced Yard and is Ready now for Purchase (7-25-2012) for $238,205!!  The Mystic II is a 2,608 sqft home with 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths a 3 car garage with a loft and covered lanai that is ready now (7-25-2012) for only $238,860

To see these models or for assistance with choosing a floorplan to have built contact me Today!  I have the experience and the knowledge to assist you in buying your home in Dupree Lakes and my fee is paid by Beazer Homes NOT you.

I am an independent Realtor(R) with Keller Williams Realty and not affiliated or employed by Beazer Homes.  You deserve proper representation when buying a home and you can count on me to review all of the paperwork and guide you throughout the entire home purchase process.  I have helped many home buyers with new construction purchases. I know the builders and how they operate and I will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best deal and as many upgrades as possible.  Contact Me Today!

Michael J. Gallo, Realtor(R)

Keller Williams Realty-Elite Partners


History of New Port Richey Florida: Expansion

June 22, 2012

New Port Richey, Florida became a community in the early 1900’s.  There are reports that in 1915 New Port Richey Florida had 100 residents.  In the summer or 1914 there is a news paper artilce that discribes the area as “old port richey” and “new port richey”.

Reports that I have found suggest that there was a Cattle Farm which seperated what was then referred to as New Port Richey and Old Port Richey.  The residents would travel through the farm to get from one part of the city to the other.  In 1914 there was a cattle escape because the gate to the farm was left open.  The farm owner named L.C. Draughon was left no option but the nail the gate close to protect his livestock.  The residents then had a “Road Bee” to cut a new road from Orange Circle north about 3/4 of a mile to connect with River Road.

In the fall of 1914 construction began on the steel bridge over the Cotee River connecting New Port Richey and Port Richey Florida.  Today we have 2 bridges in New Port Richey Florida which cross the Cotee River.  One is now called The Main Street Bridge which connects downtown New Port Richey where Sims park is located with the downtown area of River Road.  The other bridge takes US19 across the river which connects the two parts of the city and allows people to drive US19 from St. Petersburg Florida to Monticello, Florida at the Georga state border.

A photo of the US19 Bridge over the Cotee River seen here.


In the winter of 1915 application was made for the New Port Richey Post Office.  Today when you visit New Port Richey Florida a must to do is to walk around downtown New Port Richey.  You can visit Sims Park, the historic Hacienda Hotel, walk across the river bridge and stroll along the banks of Orange Lake.